Answered Prayer = Cancer Free!

Prayer is a priority at Feeding Incorporated. Many times, staff members will stop what they are doing to go pray for clients in need. Several months ago, Feeding Inc. began having prayer on Thursdays from 1 – 3 pm for clients. Multiple healings have happened during the Thursday prayer time. Even staff will take time to receive prayer when needed! It is not unusual at all to see staff members praying with clients during registration, in line for food or out in the parking lot.

One Wednesday a few weeks ago, a veteran asked a staff member for prayer during the hot meal. He and his wife had come a few times for food and the staff member remembered the couple. She sat down to talk with them and discovered that the veteran used to be an alcoholic but had found freedom in Jesus Christ. The veteran told her that the doctor had found cancer in his body and that he needed prayer.   She prayed with him and his wife; healing for the veteran, strength, hope and peace for the wife.

On Wednesday October 18th, the veteran came into Feeding Inc. during the hot meal, found the staff member that prayed with him and exuberantly exclaimed, ” You prayed with me for my cancer to be healed and I went to the doctor. Guess what? He can’t find it. It’s gone!” The staff member brought him up to the director, Regina Shank and had the veteran tell her what had happened. Regina announced the good news over the microphone to a room of approximately 80 people, that the man had been healed of cancer after receiving prayer. The entire room exploded with cheers. Hope was delivered to hungry and hurting people.