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Inspiring Honesty

Inspiring honesty is something we care about at Feeding Inc. That is why we reach out in love first, then begin to build a trust relationship with our clients. Because in order for someone to be honest about their darkest struggles, they must know that we love them and that they can trust us. Our […]

Building Accountability

Throughout my life, I have seen people respond to accountability differently, based on their perception of past experiences. Accountability, when understood biblically, can empower individuals to rise above circumstances, by yielding to God and taking the ownership necessary to achieve desired results. Here at Feeding Inc., we strive to cultivate an environment of accountability that […]

Feeding Inc. Buys The Building

Feeding Incorporated is pleased to announce that they have purchased the building at 210 N. River St. in Carthage, MO. For several years, Feeding Inc. has been renting the facility on River St. With the help of the local community who participated in their Capital Campaign, Feeding now has ownership of the facility. They wish […]

Stepping Toward Open Relational Empowerment

A homeless young man came to know the Lord a month ago and, through directive wisdom, has left the meth cook’s house he was staying at and is trying to get his life back together. He comes for classes and a safe place to be. We love him. Jesus loves him. Through Feeding Inc., (Feeding, […]


Be the Answer!

I don’t know about you, but my parents never wasted anything. We consumed very little. I wore my sister’s hand me down dresses, shoes, jackets, etc. We cooked a chicken, ate part of it, then used the rest to make chicken and noodles. The dog ate the bones.  You get the picture. We were taught […]

The Day of Small Beginnings

Feeding Inc. has started to do goal setting with clients, in an effort to restore dreams to the broken. So many times, dreams are discarded because they seem impossible to accomplish. The purpose of goal setting is to break the dreams down into small doable steps. When sized down to small bites, big dreams suddenly […]

Thoughts on Feeding Inc – Accountability

I was scheduling someone’s appointment the other day and looked across the scheduling book. I started thinking about accountability and the people that I love, our clients. When I look at my appointment book Monday and that coming Thursday looks like a packed day, I won’t schedule anybody else for that day. Due to clients […]

Thoughts on Feeding Inc. – People

Sometimes people can be hard to love. I have seen many different people come to get food at Feeding Inc. and their struggles and the way they respond to them is unique to them. People come to Feeding Inc. in the midst of their crisis situations and desperate circumstances. I myself have walked in some […]

Answered Prayer = The Well of Healing Is Open!

Healing is happening here at Feeding Inc. In the last few months, it has not been unusual to hear of clients being healed. Last Thursday, a client came in with bulging disks, unable to raise her arms or turn her neck much. Two of our staff on the registration team prayed with her right then […]

Thoughts on Feeding Inc. – Family

Calling out numbers for the small box distribution on Wednesday, I began thinking about all the children running around the room, out of school on spring break. I thought of Ruby Portillo, who teaches the kids on spring and summer break. Then it hit me, the realization that children are growing up here at Feeding […]