Building Accountability

Throughout my life, I have seen people respond to accountability differently, based on their perception of past experiences. Accountability, when understood biblically, can empower individuals to rise above circumstances, by yielding to God and taking the ownership necessary to achieve desired results.

Here at Feeding Inc., we strive to cultivate an environment of accountability that will empower people to break out of any cycles of victimization that they may be stuck in. Jesus is the way out because He became a victim for everyone of us, yet rose above by yielding to His Father’s promises and love. When people are encouraged and given hope, they are able to leave the victim cycle that has controlled them for so long.

There is hope in Christ and where there is a hunger/desire to change, there is grace to help anyone succeed and achieve their dreams. God is close to the broken hearted and He saves those who are crushed in spirit. When there is a cry for help, God comes close, and He uses available, loving people to help others walk out of the stuck places.

God can set free those who are willing to trust Him and be accountable to His word, no matter how long they have been paralyzed by victim mentality. We are available at Feeding Inc. to assist people in breaking out of victimhood by pointing them to Jesus. Help us help others by praying for us or providing support in order that we will continue to have the tools needed to lead broken people into a place of blessing and success.


-Derek Maneval