Inspiring Honesty

Inspiring honesty is something we care about at Feeding Inc. That is why we reach out in love first, then begin to build a trust relationship with our clients. Because in order for someone to be honest about their darkest struggles, they must know that we love them and that they can trust us. Our goal at Feeding Inc. is to bring lasting transformation to those who come for food, that food would only be the beginning of a life-changing experience for those who desperately need it.

Can you change someone’s life (the way they live, the choices they make) just by giving them food? Not always, or every homeless person that was handed a sack of groceries would be one less on the streets. Our goal is not just to feed people, but equip them with the tools and resources they need for a successful life, empower them to know what they are capable of becoming and restore dreams that have been lost through circumstances.

In order to truly reach our clients, Feeding Inc. endeavors to be real and relatable, loving and kind, open and honest. Feeding Inc. chooses to foster an atmosphere where clients can share their burdens and struggles without shame and fear of judgment. We cannot begin to set goals with clients until they open up about their life truthfully. As trust is built, then staff and volunteers can share directive wisdom that has the potential to change a life. And that makes all the difference.

Building Accountability

Throughout my life, I have seen people respond to accountability differently, based on their perception of past experiences. Accountability, when understood biblically, can empower individuals to rise above circumstances, by yielding to God and taking the ownership necessary to achieve desired results.

Here at Feeding Inc., we strive to cultivate an environment of accountability that will empower people to break out of any cycles of victimization that they may be stuck in. Jesus is the way out because He became a victim for everyone of us, yet rose above by yielding to His Father’s promises and love. When people are encouraged and given hope, they are able to leave the victim cycle that has controlled them for so long.

There is hope in Christ and where there is a hunger/desire to change, there is grace to help anyone succeed and achieve their dreams. God is close to the broken hearted and He saves those who are crushed in spirit. When there is a cry for help, God comes close, and He uses available, loving people to help others walk out of the stuck places.

God can set free those who are willing to trust Him and be accountable to His word, no matter how long they have been paralyzed by victim mentality. We are available at Feeding Inc. to assist people in breaking out of victimhood by pointing them to Jesus. Help us help others by praying for us or providing support in order that we will continue to have the tools needed to lead broken people into a place of blessing and success.


-Derek Maneval

Feeding Inc. Buys The Building

Feeding Incorporated is pleased to announce that they have purchased the building at 210 N. River St. in Carthage, MO. For several years, Feeding Inc. has been renting the facility on River St. With the help of the local community who participated in their Capital Campaign, Feeding now has ownership of the facility. They wish to thank their supporters for the kindness and generosity that helped accomplish their goal.

Feeding Incorporated is a 501c3 non-profit corporation that feeds the poor and needy in Carthage and the surrounding area. Carthage has a poverty rate of over 28%. On Wednesday, Feeding serves a hot meal at 3:00 p.m., after which they give out a small box of food to anyone who comes. On Thursdays, appointments are available to families in need, where they shop with a volunteer for a grocery cart of food. Families are allowed to shop once a month. Feeding also provides classes to empower and encourage local families. Previous classes taught are: Small Steps to Health and Wealth, The Power of Hope, Becoming Who You Are, Relationships, Goal Setting. These classes are taught in both English and Spanish. Feeding Incorporated would like to thank the Capital Campaign contributors, but also the Carthage Community Foundation, McCune Hospital Trust, Thelma Stanley Trust, and the K.D. and Mary Steadley Trust who have periodically helped purchase needed equipment, parking lot upkeep, and funds to sustain operations.

Derek and Robyn Maneval have come alongside Mick and Regina Shank to assist in directing the operations at Feeding Inc. For more information, see Feeding’s website: Mick and Regina invite you to come see the facility in person, conduct a food drive, volunteer, or donate to help feed the poor in the city and surrounding area.

Stepping Toward Open Relational Empowerment

A homeless young man came to know the Lord a month ago and, through directive wisdom, has left the meth cook’s house he was staying at and is trying to get his life back together. He comes for classes and a safe place to be. We love him. Jesus loves him. Through Feeding Inc., (Feeding, Equipping, Empowering, restoring the Dream) we are stepping toward open relational empowerment that brings real transformation.

Every Wednesday, Feeding Inc. has optional times of worship, prayer and a class before the hot meal and small box distribution. Currently, we are going through a series of teachings called Open Doors To Destruction: Identifying Open Doors and Shutting Them. People are beginning to respond to the message and see how their lives have been impacted through choices that have led to destruction. As open doors to destruction are closed, lives are transformed, families are reconciled and communities are changed.

Another great tool of transformation has been the Goal Setting assessment and consultation sessions. At the registration desk, clients can sign up for Goal Setting. Through new resources, one client is well on her way toward owning her own home with clearly defined goals that are achievable, even in her own eyes. That is astounding! Six months ago, she didn’t believe she could ever get to that place. Her dream of owning her own home is being restored.

Imagine what Feeding Inc. could do with more volunteers, more resources, and more finances! More people would begin to see transformation in our communities. We could see more smiling faces in the supermarkets, less crime in our streets, less addiction in our neighborhoods. If we want our world to change, it starts here and now in your hometown. You can make a difference. You can change a life through your giving, the giving of your time, resources and finances. It is worth everything to see the smile on the young man’s face as he discovered that he still had a purpose in life.

Be the Answer!


I don’t know about you, but my parents never wasted anything. We consumed very little. I wore my sister’s hand me down dresses, shoes, jackets, etc. We cooked a chicken, ate part of it, then used the rest to make chicken and noodles. The dog ate the bones.  You get the picture. We were taught the old adage, “waste not, want not.” It was a different time.  We had to share.

We grew up learning the value of blessing someone else. If we couldn’t buy it, we made it. If we couldn’t make it, we did without. We gave of ourselves, helping our neighbors, finding ways to touch lives that did not require what we didn’t have. We learned that people were more important than things. Things were a bonus, not a requirement for happiness. You didn’t have to buy toys, they were everywhere. We didn’t need a jungle gym, we climbed trees. My brother and I made roads in the dirt with the few toy cars we found. Cardboard boxes were and still are a great playground. We played school, church, ride the train, and clean the house for the pretend television crew that were coming to broadcast it to the world. As children, we took our place doing what we were capable of. We gathered eggs, weeded the garden, washed dishes, sorted laundry, and swept floors. We didn’t learn responsibility, we lived it. Consequently, we became productive members of society, not just consumers.

But our world has changed. We have become affluent. There is nothing wrong with being affluent, but it cannot be our ultimate goal. Acquiring more requires more. We have to have a place to store it, sometimes working long hours to acquire it and then ultimately becoming a slave to it.  We have given our time and energy to acquire what we don’t require and have taught a generation to do the same.  Consumers, we are. We no longer save for a rainy day, we borrow to get it now. The immediate gratification message is spewed from our televisions, along with messages about how we deserve to possess what they are selling.
Easy access to most nonessentials make them appear essential. If our neighbor has it, we feel we should have it too.  It’s not just keep up with the Joneses, it’s keep up with the largest gadgetry, the latest in electronics, and the latest styles. We are hooked into a cultural phenomenon that has evolved into a prevailing attitude of entitlement.  Many no longer contribute to society, we demand from it.

Even though we owe billions in credit card debt, many still feel that society owes them. With millions dependent on government assistance, we are heading toward dependency on what was meant to assist us. Our heart at Feeding Incorporated is to address this problem alleviating dependency through educational programs, family goal setting, training in life skills, along with temporary assistance. The problem of entitlement exists. Come be a part of the answer.


Article written by Regina Shank, published in the Carthage Press

The Day of Small Beginnings

Feeding Inc. has started to do goal setting with clients, in an effort to restore dreams to the broken. So many times, dreams are discarded because they seem impossible to accomplish. The purpose of goal setting is to break the dreams down into small doable steps. When sized down to small bites, big dreams suddenly don’t seem quite as distant. While the progress can seem slow and look small, it is absolutely groundbreaking in their lives. Some of the goal setting clients are experiencing hope as their dreams begin to come to life.

This story is about a client that we will call *Marie. Marie is a single mother that struggles with seizures while supporting her three children and assisting her mother who is legally blind. Marie agreed to meet to set some goals for her future. When she was asked the question, “If you could do anything, what would you do?”, Marie answered, “I would be a horse trainer. I love horses.” After discovering that she already owns a couple of horses, the next few steps were determined. The horses Marie has needed to be broke and trained. Marie needed to have a corral to train the horses in.

With a limited income, her dreams had been squelched and silenced. Through goal setting and encouragement, she began to take small steps toward her dream. She got posts for her corral. She began to watch YouTube videos on horse training and handling. She began to try to save for the boards she needs for the corral fencing. Then for a while, things began to stall, nothing was moving forward. She was trying, but there seemed to be a blockade in her way. Her health hindered her for a short season. Frustration was beginning to set in.

Then it happened! It was like a divine set-up that only God could orchestrate. A lady, who breeds, raises, breaks and trains horses, moved in next door to her. Amazingly, this lady is willing to let Marie learn from her and use her round pen to train her own horses until hers is built. Currently the weather and the lady’s need for the round pen have put Marie on hold, but Marie is building relationship and learning from this lady. It has really encouraged Marie to believe in her dream. She stated, “It’s coming little by little, but it is happening. I have to remind myself of that.”

Feeding Inc. does so much more than just give food to the hungry. Have you ever walked or driven through a neighborhood and thought, ‘I wouldn’t want to live here, such a negative, gloomy atmosphere!’ or vice versa? The atmosphere of a home changes when the mother and father encounter God. We can spread love, hope and faith through our region by impacting individual lives. Our purpose at Feeding Inc. is to feed, equip, empower, and restore dreams. When faces begin to reflect hope rather than defeat, it is a glorious thing and it changes communities. And it is happening, dream by dream, step by step, life by life.


  • Misty White

Thoughts on Feeding Inc – Accountability

I was scheduling someone’s appointment the other day and looked across the scheduling book. I started thinking about accountability and the people that I love, our clients. When I look at my appointment book Monday and that coming Thursday looks like a packed day, I won’t schedule anybody else for that day. Due to clients not showing up for their appointments, we may have several spots throughout the day where we could have scheduled someone to get food. By not calling and canceling an appointment, one person causes another person to be scheduled to get food from two weeks to even a month away. Yes, we have a small box distribution every Wednesday where someone can come to get food while they wait for their appointment but that is extra support, not a lifeline.

My point is, if we are feeding, equipping, empowering and restoring dreams, then we need to call our clients into accountability. The real world demands accountability. A job won’t keep you on if you have too many no call, no shows. At a doctor’s office, if you missed an appointment without calling in advance and canceling, you might not get rescheduled with that doctor for several months, if you get rescheduled at all.

Recently, Feeding Inc. has put some new guidelines into place that change the way we schedule our clients. After the client has been informed of the policy change, if then they miss their appointment without calling or leaving a message, the next scheduled appointment will be a month away from when we could possibly schedule it next. Now these are guidelines, not rules, and we will make exceptions as needed. Our heart is one of grace, not to cripple by enabling but to heal by empowering and equipping.

So, bringing this thought into real time with a client can be difficult and needs kid gloves. For instance, a elderly client that I love dearly came to the pantry and insisted that she needed an appointment the very next Thursday, even though she was scheduled for the following Thursday after that. I listened to her reasons why and showed her my full schedule. Had I just given her a flat out no without regard to the relationship we have built, I would have destroyed said relationship and she would have been quite offended.

Instead, I told her that she could come in the afternoon to see if there were any cancellations and if every person on that list came, then she would have to wait until her appointment time next week. This allowed her to see that even though I cared about her needs, there were other needs beside hers and also satisfied her at the same time.

Accountability comes out of relationship and caring, not hard and fast rules. Since the guidelines have been set into place, most of our clientele are very understanding and absolutely no problems have arisen from them. Accountability isn’t easy but it is necessary and totally worth it. We have even had a few spots open up on the schedule due to cancellations!

-Misty White

Thoughts on Feeding Inc. – People

Sometimes people can be hard to love. I have seen many different people come to get food at Feeding Inc. and their struggles and the way they respond to them is unique to them. People come to Feeding Inc. in the midst of their crisis situations and desperate circumstances. I myself have walked in some of those shoes. So they come in and the stress of the world is on their shoulders, but it isn’t always visible to the naked eye. Some people are just hardened to the life around them, some have no hope and at times, some just react negatively to you with no apparent reason.

To be honest, I have sometimes struggled to love these people that need it the most. Working here has really put a spotlight on my heart and God is constantly leading me to see where my heart has grown hard to the sufferings of others. If I just look at what happens on the surface, when Suzie-Q rips me up one side and down the other for not being able to schedule her in the same time slot that she has had for 2 years, then I won’t see what’s really going on in her heart beneath the surface and be able to extend Jesus to her in that moment. I will be far too busy getting offended or protecting and defending myself if all I see is what she just did.

My journey here has been, and still is, to listen to Holy Spirit as He reveals the deeper issues of the heart when people get angry or emotional. I miss the boat a lot. But it is so beautiful when the real problem comes to the surface because then we get to extend Jesus into that situation and release love, truth, grace, mercy and forgiveness into that person. Real transformation can take place when people see that somebody else cares. Feeding Inc. cares. Jesus cares. I love those moments when a person that is hurting receives love and truth because of Jesus. When we listen to the Spirit of truth, the truth is revealed. Lies and darkness cannot withstand the Light and the Truth. Therefore, when we hear from God, we can go deeper than the surface and reach hurting people with the love and truth of God and bring healing to their hearts. And that brings healing to my heart too!

-Misty White

Answered Prayer = The Well of Healing Is Open!

Healing is happening here at Feeding Inc. In the last few months, it has not been unusual to hear of clients being healed. Last Thursday, a client came in with bulging disks, unable to raise her arms or turn her neck much. Two of our staff on the registration team prayed with her right then and there. She turned her head and said, “I haven’t been able to turn my head like that in a while. I also haven’t been able to raise my arms very high and I am scared to.” One of the staff members asked her if she would raise it just as high as she could so they could see. They prayed again and the woman went out to do her shopping appointment. In tears, the lady came back after her appointment, waving her arms. She exclaimed, “I just had to come back in and tell you. I’m healed!” And of course, we are still rejoicing in what the Lord has done!

Today, a spunky elderly lady came in for her food. Staff at Feeding Inc. had prayed with her multiple times for her shoulder and her knees. She came in with a testimony of healing of a man she had been praying for and reminisced with staff about the healing she had received in her shoulder and knees. She said, “You prayed for me and all my shoulder and my knees are healed. I’m not bragging though. It’s a sin to brag.” This lady is such a pistol. One of the staff told her, “You’re not bragging, you are rejoicing in what God has done for you.” She smiled and said, “That’s right, I’m rejoicing in the healing that Christ has accomplished in that man too!” Everyone at Feeding Inc. is excited about what Jesus is doing here. Move, God, move!

Thoughts on Feeding Inc. – Family

Calling out numbers for the small box distribution on Wednesday, I began thinking about all the children running around the room, out of school on spring break. I thought of Ruby Portillo, who teaches the kids on spring and summer break. Then it hit me, the realization that children are growing up here at Feeding Inc.  Memories are being formed that will last for generations. Children that are all grown will be talking to each other and their children, reminiscing about Feeding Inc. and the hot meal Wednesdays.

I started thinking about the opportunity we have here to show the love of Christ and how impacting we can be. I personally know what an impact Feeding Inc. has because of my own life. Feeding Inc. was a light to me in a dark place. It wasn’t anything specific that they did, but I looked at the volunteers and saw a life lived with purpose. I hungered for that and now I get to be a part of that light.

Being a part of Feeding Inc. has really shown me the meaning of community.  Every time I go to Wal-Mart, I start counting on my fingers because I am going to run into somebody I know from the food pantry. The feeling in the room on Wednesdays is the feeling I get when I go to my family reunions. There is always some new member of the family that I don’t know, just like at the reunion. There are the faces I will never forget, people that I have come to know, love and hold dear. I share in the sorrows and rejoice at the good news. I have gone to funerals of people whom I have never met to be with Feeding Inc. family and birthday parties of beloved clients. Clients are not just clients to us, but extended family. And the family at Feeding Inc. grows. I invite you to come and be a part of the Feeding Inc. family and experience the true meaning of community.

Article written by Misty Norris