Answered Prayer = The Well of Healing Is Open!

Healing is happening here at Feeding Inc. In the last few months, it has not been unusual to hear of clients being healed. Last Thursday, a client came in with bulging disks, unable to raise her arms or turn her neck much. Two of our staff on the registration team prayed with her right then and there. She turned her head and said, “I haven’t been able to turn my head like that in a while. I also haven’t been able to raise my arms very high and I am scared to.” One of the staff members asked her if she would raise it just as high as she could so they could see. They prayed again and the woman went out to do her shopping appointment. In tears, the lady came back after her appointment, waving her arms. She exclaimed, “I just had to come back in and tell you. I’m healed!” And of course, we are still rejoicing in what the Lord has done!

Today, a spunky elderly lady came in for her food. Staff at Feeding Inc. had prayed with her multiple times for her shoulder and her knees. She came in with a testimony of healing of a man she had been praying for and reminisced with staff about the healing she had received in her shoulder and knees. She said, “You prayed for me and all my shoulder and my knees are healed. I’m not bragging though. It’s a sin to brag.” This lady is such a pistol. One of the staff told her, “You’re not bragging, you are rejoicing in what God has done for you.” She smiled and said, “That’s right, I’m rejoicing in the healing that Christ has accomplished in that man too!” Everyone at Feeding Inc. is excited about what Jesus is doing here. Move, God, move!