The Day of Small Beginnings

Feeding Inc. has started to do goal setting with clients, in an effort to restore dreams to the broken. So many times, dreams are discarded because they seem impossible to accomplish. The purpose of goal setting is to break the dreams down into small doable steps. When sized down to small bites, big dreams suddenly don’t seem quite as distant. While the progress can seem slow and look small, it is absolutely groundbreaking in their lives. Some of the goal setting clients are experiencing hope as their dreams begin to come to life.

This story is about a client that we will call *Marie. Marie is a single mother that struggles with seizures while supporting her three children and assisting her mother who is legally blind. Marie agreed to meet to set some goals for her future. When she was asked the question, “If you could do anything, what would you do?”, Marie answered, “I would be a horse trainer. I love horses.” After discovering that she already owns a couple of horses, the next few steps were determined. The horses Marie has needed to be broke and trained. Marie needed to have a corral to train the horses in.

With a limited income, her dreams had been squelched and silenced. Through goal setting and encouragement, she began to take small steps toward her dream. She got posts for her corral. She began to watch YouTube videos on horse training and handling. She began to try to save for the boards she needs for the corral fencing. Then for a while, things began to stall, nothing was moving forward. She was trying, but there seemed to be a blockade in her way. Her health hindered her for a short season. Frustration was beginning to set in.

Then it happened! It was like a divine set-up that only God could orchestrate. A lady, who breeds, raises, breaks and trains horses, moved in next door to her. Amazingly, this lady is willing to let Marie learn from her and use her round pen to train her own horses until hers is built. Currently the weather and the lady’s need for the round pen have put Marie on hold, but Marie is building relationship and learning from this lady. It has really encouraged Marie to believe in her dream. She stated, “It’s coming little by little, but it is happening. I have to remind myself of that.”

Feeding Inc. does so much more than just give food to the hungry. Have you ever walked or driven through a neighborhood and thought, ‘I wouldn’t want to live here, such a negative, gloomy atmosphere!’ or vice versa? The atmosphere of a home changes when the mother and father encounter God. We can spread love, hope and faith through our region by impacting individual lives. Our purpose at Feeding Inc. is to feed, equip, empower, and restore dreams. When faces begin to reflect hope rather than defeat, it is a glorious thing and it changes communities. And it is happening, dream by dream, step by step, life by life.


  • Misty White