Inspiring Honesty

Inspiring honesty is something we care about at Feeding Inc. That is why we reach out in love first, then begin to build a trust relationship with our clients. Because in order for someone to be honest about their darkest struggles, they must know that we love them and that they can trust us. Our goal at Feeding Inc. is to bring lasting transformation to those who come for food, that food would only be the beginning of a life-changing experience for those who desperately need it.

Can you change someone’s life (the way they live, the choices they make) just by giving them food? Not always, or every homeless person that was handed a sack of groceries would be one less on the streets. Our goal is not just to feed people, but equip them with the tools and resources they need for a successful life, empower them to know what they are capable of becoming and restore dreams that have been lost through circumstances.

In order to truly reach our clients, Feeding Inc. endeavors to be real and relatable, loving and kind, open and honest. Feeding Inc. chooses to foster an atmosphere where clients can share their burdens and struggles without shame and fear of judgment. We cannot begin to set goals with clients until they open up about their life truthfully. As trust is built, then staff and volunteers can share directive wisdom that has the potential to change a life. And that makes all the difference.