Stepping Toward Open Relational Empowerment

A homeless young man came to know the Lord a month ago and, through directive wisdom, has left the meth cook’s house he was staying at and is trying to get his life back together. He comes for classes and a safe place to be. We love him. Jesus loves him. Through Feeding Inc., (Feeding, Equipping, Empowering, restoring the Dream) we are stepping toward open relational empowerment that brings real transformation.

Every Wednesday, Feeding Inc. has optional times of worship, prayer and a class before the hot meal and small box distribution. Currently, we are going through a series of teachings called Open Doors To Destruction: Identifying Open Doors and Shutting Them. People are beginning to respond to the message and see how their lives have been impacted through choices that have led to destruction. As open doors to destruction are closed, lives are transformed, families are reconciled and communities are changed.

Another great tool of transformation has been the Goal Setting assessment and consultation sessions. At the registration desk, clients can sign up for Goal Setting. Through new resources, one client is well on her way toward owning her own home with clearly defined goals that are achievable, even in her own eyes. That is astounding! Six months ago, she didn’t believe she could ever get to that place. Her dream of owning her own home is being restored.

Imagine what Feeding Inc. could do with more volunteers, more resources, and more finances! More people would begin to see transformation in our communities. We could see more smiling faces in the supermarkets, less crime in our streets, less addiction in our neighborhoods. If we want our world to change, it starts here and now in your hometown. You can make a difference. You can change a life through your giving, the giving of your time, resources and finances. It is worth everything to see the smile on the young man’s face as he discovered that he still had a purpose in life.