Thoughts on Feeding Inc. – People

Sometimes people can be hard to love. I have seen many different people come to get food at Feeding Inc. and their struggles and the way they respond to them is unique to them. People come to Feeding Inc. in the midst of their crisis situations and desperate circumstances. I myself have walked in some of those shoes. So they come in and the stress of the world is on their shoulders, but it isn’t always visible to the naked eye. Some people are just hardened to the life around them, some have no hope and at times, some just react negatively to you with no apparent reason.

To be honest, I have sometimes struggled to love these people that need it the most. Working here has really put a spotlight on my heart and God is constantly leading me to see where my heart has grown hard to the sufferings of others. If I just look at what happens on the surface, when Suzie-Q rips me up one side and down the other for not being able to schedule her in the same time slot that she has had for 2 years, then I won’t see what’s really going on in her heart beneath the surface and be able to extend Jesus to her in that moment. I will be far too busy getting offended or protecting and defending myself if all I see is what she just did.

My journey here has been, and still is, to listen to Holy Spirit as He reveals the deeper issues of the heart when people get angry or emotional. I miss the boat a lot. But it is so beautiful when the real problem comes to the surface because then we get to extend Jesus into that situation and release love, truth, grace, mercy and forgiveness into that person. Real transformation can take place when people see that somebody else cares. Feeding Inc. cares. Jesus cares. I love those moments when a person that is hurting receives love and truth because of Jesus. When we listen to the Spirit of truth, the truth is revealed. Lies and darkness cannot withstand the Light and the Truth. Therefore, when we hear from God, we can go deeper than the surface and reach hurting people with the love and truth of God and bring healing to their hearts. And that brings healing to my heart too!

-Misty White